Plant Problems: Problems with Poison Ivy, Pests, Potato Scab and Lawn Problems

Plant problems are common in every vegetable garden. Even professional gardeners experience problems with plants. Thus it‘s safe to say…only a novice would think he/she can grow a vegetable garden that doesn’t have a single problem.

In the real world this is not the case. Problems with plants arise at almost every stage when growing a vegetable garden.


One of the most irritating problems is weeds. Weeds are just plants growing in the wrong place. And most of them can be pulled out or mulched.

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Poison Ivy

What if the weeds in your vegetable gardens are ivy plants...

Well then prepare yourself for trouble. That’s because the poison ivy is not that simple to get rid of. It’s one of the major problem plants that can exist in your garden.

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Vegetable Garden Pests

Another problem when growing a garden is pests. Vegetable garden pests are mainly insects. However pests are not limited to only insects. They also include other animals.

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Insects Control

Now when it comes to insect pests, most gardeners’ first resort is to apply insecticides. But for the organic gardener, this is done only if all else fails.

So what organic garden pests control techniques are used in an organic garden to control insects?

Well, click here for more information on insects control methods in which insecticides are a last resort.

Potato Scab

In addition to pests…diseases is also a plant problem. And one of the most prevalent is the fungal plant disease called potato scab.

Scabs appear on the skin of the potato. And on few occasions they can penetrate into the flesh. When this occurs…you can lose some of the potato flesh due to deep peeling.

However…click here for more on potato scab and the prevention of scabs on potatoes.

Lawn Problems

If you have a lawn for the pathways of your vegetable garden…then you may experience lawn problems. But is having a lawn in the garden necessary? And if it is, how can you minimize lawn problems?

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These garden problems are quite common. However, with proper knowledge…problems with plants can be easy to prevent and avoided.

And also with the right advice or professional help you can also easily recover if plagued by any plant problem.

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