My Tomato Plant is not Producing Fruit

(United States)

Question- I planted a tomato plant approximately a month ago. The weather here in Texas has been over 90 degrees almost everyday. So I water daily. They get full sun, most of the day.

Flowers blossom but eventually die off and no fruit comes in after it. I know it can take 70+ days for harvest, but it's already been half that time and I haven't seen any fruits!

What should I do?

Answer- I'm sorry to hear that your tomato plant isn't bearing any fruits and I know it can be bit frustrating, but hey gardening is always a learning experience. The more you learn and garden the more skillful you become, so don't worry.

You see the thing with growing tomato plants is that the tomato pollen dies at temperatures over 95 degrees which is perhaps why your plant didn't bear any fruits.

In order for the pollination process to go well, the plant may need a little movement every now and then.

What you can do is to prune the excess foliage so that the tomato plants can use more of their energy to produce fruits. When pruning, you can let someone show you which branches can be safely trimmed away.

Pinch off the lowest leaves of your plants.

Also use your hand to gently rustle the tomato plants to help stimulate the tomato flowers so that they can self-pollinate. Do that about 3 times daily ...or you can use a short stick to gently hit the plants to help the pollen move around.

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