How I made Vegetable Garden Planting Quick and Easy

Vegetable garden planting was something new to me. Before now, the only experience I had planting vegetables was growing one lettuce plant in a container. It was a school project and I was only 10 years old at the time.

But I recall the satisfaction I got after bringing the lettuce plant home and sharing it with my family.

Now I’m much older and instead of just one container of lettuce, I wanted to grow a vegetable garden. (A much bigger task).

I must admit, I was a little intimidated by the idea. My lack of experience and the hard work associated with vegetable gardening was overwhelming. But I didn’t let it stop me.

I decided to first reach as much books about gardening. I also browsed as much blogs and websites I could for knowledge.

And that’s where I came up with the idea of a quick and easy vegetable garden. The info I got changed my point of view about vegetable garden planting. And I’m going share some of what I learnt with you.

I learnt about wormeries after watching a BBC program. The reporter in that news piece was walking through the streets of London conducting an experiment.

He was offering the people he met a choice between a mini worm bin or cash. Most person’s were grossed out at the thought of farming worms and settled for the cash instead.

After the experiment was over, the reporter went on to explain that the money those people (from the experiment) could have saved by using the fertilizer from worms would be much more than the instant cash in the long run.

I guess it was at that point where my interest in owning a wormery was stimulated. And I’ll let you in on a secret...

Before learning about wormeries I didn’t know what tiger worms were. I thought that the wormery would be comprised of earthworms. (I was such a newbie).

Click here to learn more about tiger worms and how you to can set up your own wormery.

How I fell in Love with Plastic Mulches

My quest for vegetable garden planting knowledge led me to mulches. I came to understand their importance. In fact I now believe that no one should be planting a vegetable garden without mulches. (Unless your growing in containers ).

The benefit of mulching is what really struck me. But what pushed me over and above was the plastic mulch.

At first plastic was a turn off. I wanted a green vegetable garden and plastic is often considered a contributor to pollution and global warming. So I’m sure you can understand my concern.

Only after learning some more I realized that plastic mulches can do everything the other types of mulches do and more. In fact science is constantly developing and improving these mulches to add more benefit and value to vegetable garden planters.

Click here to learn more about plastic mulches and the benefits they provide to vegetable garden plants.

Making my own Fertilizer was Cheaper

I’ve often heard vegetable garden planters complain about the high cost of fertilizers. So it was natural for me to think that this was going to be the biggest challenge.

I didn’t have a disposable income that would allow me to buying expensive fertilizers every month.

But as it turned out, fertilizer came cheaper than I expected. Green manure was the cheapest of them all.

Manure tea was also cheap but I had to compost the manure first. (Composting can take twelve months).

Although insoluble vegetable garden fertilizers (from local and online home and garden store) required some cash, these lasted years in the garden.

So I considered the money spent on them a long-term investment. The money I saved was greater than the amount I put out.

At Present

Vegetable garden planting is a skill I’m glad I developed. I’m saving on my food bill without having to cut back. And I’m proud of that.

I’m also noticing that I have a little more energy than before I began planting vegetable. I guess it’s due to the exercise I’m getting. It can also be the sense of accomplishment I usually get from successful vegetable growing.

I try to encourage all vegetable garden planters out there. (That’s why I created this website). I also wish that the info you’ll get from the site will help you reach your gardening potential.

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