The Green Movement is the Real Deal for Vegetable Gardeners

The green movement has everyone talking right now. It seems like everyone is going green or has green ideas.

  • Celebrities
  • Large Corporations
  • President Obama
  • Schools & Universities
  • and environmental organizations

…are all getting in on the act.

But even though going green may be trendy and marketable these days, it’s extremely necessary in combating global warming.

And guess what…

Gardeners like you can play a significant role. After all, global warming is a result of human activities. But there are lots of things we gardeners can do to control this problem.

We’re going to talk about what we can do about global warming in our gardens.

So, let’s get ready for the go green movement.

Let’s begin with…

Limiting Water Usage

How about installing drip irrigation systems without having to spend a lot of your time and money. You can choose between drip irrigation…

Or soaker hoses as they’re both very good choices and better yet, creates leverage for you.

Group your vegetable plants that contain similar water needs. Include some warm seasoned vegetables as they’ll be able to withstand drought and not require any excessive watering. This can surely be very convenient for you and your vegetable crops in the long run.

Before you irrigate your garden, always remember to monitor the soil’s moisture content by checking to see if it’s dry. When watering, ensure that you’re watering beyond the surface to supply your vegetables with the right amount.

Composting Your Soil

Guess what… Composting enriches the soil and also creates a good foundation for vegetables that are prone to diseases and insects. So there’s less need for harmful fertilizers and pesticides.


When you use compost enriched soil, you’re reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfills. Do you know that kitchen waste accounts for 21% of household waste? Yeah that’s right and landfills create methane, a greenhouse gas that is 21 times more damaging than CO2.

But you can help reduce these gases through the decomposition and green recycling of organic waste to create healthy soil. This healthy soil not only retains water, it also absorbs carbon from the atmosphere which is then used by the vegetables. So therefore, mix up the soil with some compost as it’s the healthy and environmentally wise thing to do.

The Green Movement and Weeds Control

Weeds compete with vegetables for water. So if you’ve got lots of them you’ll be using a lot of water in the garden.

So avoid wasting water on nuisance plants. Always mulch your garden beds every year and especially during late winter. The mulch will cover the soil and trap water. It will also block sunlight making it difficult for weeds.

Taking Advantage of Heavier Rainfalls

Global warming is also responsible for heavier rain falls; climatologists are referring to it as “heavier rainfall events”. Heavy rainfalls cause more run-off and storm water problems.

So the main question is what to do about this… Well, this can be helped by avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides in your garden.

Here’s another thing too…

Instead of using solid concrete, opt for easy to cross surfaces such as pebbles, gravel or pavers for patios and driveways to include in your garden. Catch and store rainwater to use for irrigation by setting up rain barrels and cisterns during the winter season.

Birds, Bees and Insects

Birds, bees and insects are confused by the climatic conditions. You can eliminate chemicals in your garden in order to create a healthy habitat for all living things.

Add an abundance of berry plants to feed and attract creatures.

Saving Energy is a Green Movement Must

Do you know that there is an estimate of almost 100 million gardeners nationwide? …If all or even half of them conserve energy, this can make such a positive impact indeed.

Now the question is how can gardeners like you save energy? Well, this can be done by opting for solar garden lights and putting other outdoor lights on a timer. Another habit is eliminating the use of gas mowers, blowers and weed eaters, if you have a lawn.

Why not use rakes and hand clippers instead, not only will you be energy efficient, you’ll also be gardening in a quiet mode. During the summertime, consider setting up arbors and pergolas to provide some shade within your garden.

We all know that growing your own food can reduce the level of pollution which is a contributing factor towards global warming. If everyone were to grow their own vegetables even if it’s a small amount, this will surely be very helpful.

The economic situation at present is the perfect opportunity to start growing vegetables. If you really think about it, every time food is being transferred from the farm to the store to your table, gasoline is being used.

When gasoline prices increase, food prices increase as well.

Therefore the green movement is definitely something to be a part of. Remember you’re putting less strain on yourself and the environment by going green in your garden.

So why not get involved?

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