Tiger Worms are Ideal for Fast Composting

Using tiger worms for fast composting is one way to decrease the time spent on your vegetable garden.

That’s because the worms do the job for you. Isn’t that great?


They fit almost perfectly into your everyday routine when it comes to waste disposal. All you have to do is be a little more mindful of what you throw into the worm bin.

Let’s read on for more info.

Getting to Know these Wonderful Creatures

So why is the tiger worm called the organic gardener’s best friend?

Well first of all… they produce a fertilizer called vermicast. When worms feed on the food you throw away…they excrete the vermicast which is rich in nitrogen.

And we all know how important nitrogen is to a vegetable garden, don’t we?

That’s right. Nitrogen is the element that encourages the growth of leaves. So your cabbages, lettuces and other leafy vegetables will stand to benefit immensely from the worm casting fertilizer.

Another benefit is that the worms reproduce rather quickly. A tiger worm can produce as much as 4 young worms per week.

So in other words…a handful of worms can become an entire worm farm in a couple of months. The worms multiply exponentially.

And guess what…

So too does your supply of organic fertilizer.

Additionally…the worms taste horrible. Not that your expected to eat them. But the birds and other predators will pass on them.

So this means that if you grow these worms right they’re more likely to die of natural causes than being eaten alive.

Thus, in other words… the worms are here to stay. So I guess an investment in these worms can be considered a long term.

And speaking of investments…

Did you know that these worms are high in demand? That’s right. Because lots of people are going green…they’re looking for environmentally-friendly alternatives when it comes to fertilizers and pesticides.

So a farm full of these worms can fetch a hefty price. Or even if you decide to sell the vermicast fertilizer.

If there’re other home vegetable gardens in your area you can profit by selling the excess tiger worms. I guess you’ll not only be cutting you’re family’s living expense by planting your own food…

But you’ll also be increasing the family’s income as well.

So are you convinced? Do you wish to start your own worm farm? Or at least a Worm Bin? I’m sure you are. Who wouldn’t?

Well then, let’s read on for some instructions…

Everything To Know About Starting Your Own Bin to House the Worms

I think it would be best if you saw a live presentation on how to start your own worm bin. You’ll learn better from a demonstration than from word.

And I think no other video out there explains it better than the following video. Let’s take a look.

Press the “PLAY” button for more…

Did you see how easy that was? No hassle. You just ensure that the food scraps that are fed into the bin once per week.

So give the tiger worms a try.

If you would like to cut down time and spending in your vegetable garden…then having these composting worms is key.

You’ll have the edge on all those other gardeners who are constantly in and out of “Home and Garden” stores….spending all that cash.

Move from Tiger Worms to Vegetable Garden Planting