A Pizza Garden is a Creative Vegetable Garden Idea

A pizza garden is a perfect layout to consider when preparing a vegetable garden. The design is shaped like a pizza with different vegetables planted in each portion.

That special design is very attractive to look at and it’s a nice fun activity for your kids to take part of. We’re going to discuss how you can grow it, which vegetables to incorporate and the factors to consider when planning.

We’re going to begin with planning…


Planning is a very important factor and I’m sure you’ll agree with me here. When you’re now starting out, ensure that your backyard has an adequate amount of sunlight and proper drainage.

Vegetables and herbs are the best for this special garden design and they love the sunlight. One of the secrets to a successful garden is the right soil conditions. When preparing the soil, you add mulch, compost and even some top soil if necessary.

If you don’t have the best soil conditions or little to no space, you can opt for containers. Container and raised bed gardening offers the opportunity to better control moisture and garden pests.

Using Containers

If you decide to use containers when building a vegetable garden, you have a wide variety to choose from. These varieties range from clay pots to plastic pots. There are even some ideas for you to experiment with when you’re using containers.

You can even use hanging pots if you like or a half whiskey barrel. These barrels are sold in garden stores so you can check them out there.

Another idea is the use of old tires as a form of containers.

The Best Plants to Choose for a Pizza Garden

  • Tomatoes- There are countless of tomato varieties for you to choose from. You can include any tomato variety you want in your pizza garden.
  • Basil- this is a very special herb and comes with a beautiful mint flavor, after all that’s what it’s known for.
  • Peppers- You have 2 main types of peppers to choose from and that’s a good thing. There are sweet peppers and hot peppers. You can grow either 1 or both of them as they add some spice to your garden.
  • Oregano- This special gardening vegetable is quite easy to grow and needs lots of sunlight. During the winter season you can transplant it indoors.
  • Chives- are perfect for this and can be grown very easily.

How to Grow a Pizza Garden

Find an area for your backyard vegetable garden and highlight a circle by inserting a stake in an upright position within the ground. Get a string that’s almost 4 feet in size and connect it to the stake.

To highlight the border of the garden in the ground, hold the string firmly and go around in a circle. You can take your time when doing this. Equally divide your circle into 6 different segments or slices.

You can plant 3 different veggies and 3 different herbs. The oregano can be planted in a particular slice where you can grow up to 3 plants. In another slice or portion, you can plant up to 3 parsley plants as parsley is a self sown herb.

Plant up to 3 plants of any basil variety of your choice in another portion. Add 2 pepper plants in another slice, any pepper variety you want. The last portion can be used for a tomato plant.

How to Incorporate this Special Design in Containers

When you’re using containers, ensure that they’re big enough to hold the growing plants. Add some granular slow release fertilizer as the regular watering can cause the nutrients to escape.

To achieve a successful production ensure that your plants get lots of sunlight.

Here’s a list of the things you’ll need…

  • A big container with lots of drainage holes.
  • Excellent organic potting soil along with a slow release fertilizer
  • A heavy plastic bag with some small punched in holes to separate the soil from the container or you can use Styrofoam as a second option. This is to be placed at the bottom of the container.

The Step By Step Growing Process for a Pizza Garden

  1. Ensure that your container has enough soil where the plants will be about 2 inches from the top of your pot. This is to ensure that you can water them very easily.
  2. If when you take the plants from the nursery pots and you can see the roots that are close together, pull them apart with some gentle care.
  3. When adding your plants to the container make sure that there’s enough space.
  4. The herb plants tend to drape and can be place on the edges of the container.
  5. After adding your plants, add some soil while filling up the spaces between the plants. Gently tap down the soil.
  6. When you’re watering, stop when you notice water coming out from the bottom of the container.

Tips to Take Note Of

Water your pizza garden regularly especially when the soil looks dry. Use some organic liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks.

If one of your plants looks like if it’s drying out or not healthy, remove it from your pot and replace with another plant. Don’t over feed your plants with fertilizer as it can affect the taste of the vegetables and herbs.

It’s nice to add a pizza design into your garden to be on the creative and edgy side. This is a fun activity to explore and enjoy as it's definitely worth a try.

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