Organic Garden Seeds are the Foundation for Organic Gardening

Organic garden seeds are one of the most neglected aspects of organic vegetable gardening. If you don’t use organic seeds in your organic garden then your labor is in vain.

Not because you avoid chemicals in the pesticides and fertilizers means your vegetable is organic. While these things are important…organic foods must start out as organic seeds.

Believe it or not but the regular seeds that you buy are conditioned first before they are sold.

So if you Need Organic Seeds for Organic Gardening….Where can You Get Some?

Well you can start out by buying organic seeds. If you look around you’ll come across some organizations that supply them.

Here are a couple suppliers or organic garden seeds…

Then you can collect and store seeds from the crops they produce and then sow them in the following season.

It’s as simple as that.

What are the Benefits of Using Organic Seeds

Organic seeds are grown to adapt to the roughest of climates. In most cases the vegetables they come from are intentionally exposed to the elements. They are left out in the cold and they even go without water for a while.

The vegetables’ ability to withstand these rugged conditions is then embedded in the DNA of the seeds. So the plants that are grown from the seeds are also capable of surviving in unpleasant conditions.

Organic seeds are also thought to be able to produce greater yields and the organic foods that are produced from them are healthier.

A Final Word

So we’ve looked at organic garden seeds and we’ve found that they are the foundation for an organic garden.

This revelation may be shocking. Believe me when I say that I too was surprised when I first heard this point. And I must admit that I thought the idea of organic gardening was a bit over bearing.

But in reality it doesn’t take any more effort. Simply order them off the internet and have them delivered to you. Everything after this point is routine.

And in the end you can truly boast to your neighbors (friends and family) that the crops in your garden are 100% organic.

Maybe you can even sell some of them and put some extra cash in your pocket. Use a little public relations. Explain the process you’re using that ensures that the vegetables are organic and who knows…

They just might appreciate it enough to buy some.

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