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So you’re looking for heirloom garden seeds or thinking of becoming an heirloom grower. What’s inspiring you?

Is it the desire to grow vegetables that are not common so you can have a talk piece when friends and family are over? Or is it that you’re a history enthusiast and want to grow organic vegetables like the people of long ago?

Well whatever it is your desire to grow heirloom seeds is part of a trend that’s taking place worldwide right now. More and more people are becoming interested in heirloom vegetables.

So that’s why I decided to add this page to the website. I hope to give you some advice and instructions on acquiring heirloom seeds and how to plant it.

I think this advice will help you become a successful heirloom gardener.

Where Can You Find Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

It is recommended by some that you can find heirlooms by associating yourself with immigrants or people of different ethnicity. And I guess it is a good source.

Persons who migrate to our country can sometimes bring with them vegetable seeds. These may be rare seeds which are grown mainly in their home country or area.

You’ll be surprise at what you find. Some seeds may be so rare that you’ve never heard of them or their vegetables and fruits before.

So if you would like some heirloom seeds why not build a relationship with a migrant. If you’re lucky that person may not only pass seeds to you but also traditional ways of growing vegetables. You may become enlightened.

Another source is seed catalogues. Maybe you can subscribe to a seed catalogue and they’ll mail you their magazine every month (or each time they have an update).

This way you can stay at home and have information about heirloom garden seeds come to your doorsteps (or mailbox). It’s a great way to get information especially if you don’t have a lot of spare time to make new friends or socialize.

Finally you can source heirloom seeds online. You can go to amazon.com and buy a pack of seeds and have them deliver it to you. You can also visit…


This site is somewhat of a society for persons involved in the collection and sharing of heirloom seeds. So you can buy seeds there, get expert advice and maybe trade some of your rare seeds for others.

And the fact that mobile internet devices are growing in popularity it’s a good idea to join this social networking site for heirloom growers.

So I guess that these are some ways of getting your hands on some heirloom garden seeds for your vegetable garden. Why don’t you give it a try?

After Collecting Heirloom Seeds It’s a Good Idea to Store Them Properly

So you got hold of some heirlooms (or you’re in the process) then you should be thinking of storing them. If these seeds aren’t stored properly, they may be exposed to hungry rodents or they could begin to rot.

So here’s how to store them away…

You should store the seeds in a place that is:

  • Dark
  • Cold
  • Dry
  • and Oxygen Free

Does any place come to mind where these seeds can be stored? If you guessed the freezer then you are correct. The freezer is the number 1 site storage site for heirloom garden seeds.

Here’s what you can do…

  1. Wrap the seeds in a Ziploc plastic bag
  2. Place them in a plastic jar (close the lid of the jar tightly)
  3. Store them in the freezer

In so doing the seeds are free from rodents and diseases.

Growing Heirloom Tomato Seeds

By now you have some seeds in your possession and they are well stored. You’re itching to grow the seeds you have. Well let’s look at this video I found on youtube. It’s about growing heirloom tomatoes.


A Final Word

I hope the information provided above on heirloom garden seeds was helpful. By now you should be able to source, store and grow heirloom seeds.

Remember that you don’t have to be a professional to successfully grow these rare seeds. Anyone with just a little knowledge can do it.

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