Growing Wheatgrass in 7 Days

Growing wheatgrass is another simple task. I’m sure that you’ll agree after growing wheat grass for the first time.All you’ll need is a:

  • 1 cup of wheat seeds1 jar
  • A filtering device
  • A tray with holes at the bottom
  • A little bit of soil
  • A newspaper
  • Lots of water

How to Grow Wheatgrass

Here’s what I did to grow wheatgrass:

Day 1I went down to the health food shop and got 1 glass of wheat seeds. This was enough to make a healthy juicer for about 2 weeks.

When I got home I simply poured the seeds in the jar and allow them to soak overnight. (The jar being the wheatgrass sprouted).

Day 2I strained out the water out of my wheat grass sprouter (the jar) and rinsed the seeds thoroughly a couple of times. I used the filter at the top of the jar to allow only the water to exit the sprouter. I did this twice that day (within a 12 hour interval).

Then I placed the jar upside down near the sink so that the water can drain out. I allowed it to drain for a day.

Day 3

At this point the seeds were beginning to spout. Little white shoots began growing out of the wheatgrass seeds.

It was time to prepare the wheatgrass grower. This is what I called the tray with the holes at the bottom.

The holes were necessary. I was going to be using a lot of water for the rest of the process so the holes were needed to drain excess water.

I added a thin layer of the loamy soil (about 1 centimeter thick) to the tray and soaked it. (Growing wheatgrass demands that the soil be damp at all times because the grass needs moist conditions to grow).

Once the soil was well soaked in the tray, I spread the sprouting seeds on top of it.

Next I covered the top of the tray with newspaper and also soaked the newspaper with water. Then I placed the tray in a cool dark cupboard.

It was better to choose a cool place. The wheatgrass would consume lots of water. So a cool place meant that the plant would use less moisture and also less water would be loss to evaporation.

I left the tray for 2 days taking it out of the cupboard only to water it.

Day 4

I removed the tray and carried it to the sink to add water. I allowed the excess water to drain then placed it back into the cupboard.

I did this 2 times each day.

Day 5

Same as day 4.

Day 6

At this point the wheat seeds developed shoots and roots. The shoots were about 4 centimeters long and yellow in color. It was time for sunlight.

I removed the tray of young plants and placed them outside. I took off the newspaper and disposed of it. It was no longer needed in growing wheatgrass. Next I watered the plants 2 times that day.

Day 7

I continued watering twice that day.

Day 8

Same as day 7.

Day 9

Same as day 7 & 8.

Day 10

The wheatgrass was about 4 inches tall, green and ready to harvest.

It was then that I got an idea. Why don’t I try growing wheatgrass to sell to my neighbors? I’m sure they would demand it (at least the health conscious neighbors).

That idea came to me about six months ago and today unfortunately the plan is still in the idea stage. I haven’t gotten around to implementing it yet.

But maybe if you’re more proactive than me you can give it a try. It can be a great way to increase your income.

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