Brandywine Tomato is so Delicious and Worth Growing

Brandywine tomato has a nice sweet flavor. It’s hard to find them in supermarkets or groceries and that’s the perfect reason to grow them.

I think it’s one of the best heirloom tomatoes because they taste so good and not to mention how popular they are.

We’re going to discuss how to grow this delicious tomato with the best care possible.

Here are the easy step by step guidelines….

1.Start from the seeds – The best thing to do is to start from the seeds because this particular variety is not disease resistant.

Plants that are purchased from the store are no stranger to diseases. Those diseases can easily spread throughout different plants.

What you can do is to purchase some seeds through a catalogue or you can check in a garden shop. Get together a container and some good quality potting soil.

Plant the seeds in the soil and moisten them but not to the point where they are wet though. Choose a warm area that is exposed to some light for the time being. It will usually take about 1 week for them to sprout.

2.Transplanting – Transplant when the tomato seedlings have 2 or 3 clusters of leaves. Transfer them to an area in the garden that receives about 6 hours of sunlight as tomatoes tend to favor sunlight.

Temperatures during the night period should be at least 55 degrees F. To achieve some favorable production, temperatures during the day should be below 90 degrees F.

Space the plants at least 3 feet apart as they can grow really tall. This is to allow enough space for the structure of the roots to expand in all directions.

3.Add some solid support – Brandywine tomato plant grows very tall and can bear some heavy fruits. Set up a strong trellis to tie the plant to with some garden twine as the plant develops.

Ensure that you build a strong support so that the tomatoes are able to withstand some strong winds. Tomato plants should not be spread out on the ground as the tomato fruits will meet up with the soil and then rot.

You definitely don’t want to lose your fruits this way.

4.Train your tomatoes – remove the stems below the flowers. Leave the stems that have flowers on them as these develop the fruits. Monitor your plants regularly especially when it’s hot and sunny.

Shoots develop at a very rapid stage when there’s lots of sunlight and warmth. If you see any dry foliage, remove them immediately to avoid any pests or plant diseases.

Here’s a Video about Some Easy Brandywine Tomato Tips for Pruning

5.The best fertilizer – Cover the area around the root structure with a layer of compost. Place a layer of mulch on top of the compost. Apply some organic fertilizer by pulling back the mulch.

Fertilizers usually come with some instructions for you to follow. Stay away from fertilizers that contain nitrogen and are water soluble.

This can negatively affect the development of the fruits and that’s not good news.

6.Time to harvest – You can pick the fruits when the bottom turns pink in color. The fruit can be placed away from the sun while it continues with its ripening process.

Wait until it’s completely ripe before you put them in your fridge. The fruits almost taste similar to when it is left on the plants to ripe.

Brandywine tomato is a very beautiful tomato variety for a garden. It’s easy to grow and care for as well as a perfect ingredient for meals.

For favorable yields all you have to do is to apply some really easy guidelines and that’s it.

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